Dreams Made of Oobleck and the Search for a Hat that Fits

hats 2-8-15

This morning I woke up thinking about childhood dreams. I remember telling everyone as a little girl I wanted to write books. My Papa and Nannie (grandmother, not bougie paid caregiver) always told me then that is exactly what you should do. At forty sumpin’ I remain bookless. When did the dream get deferred, jump the track–dissolve into something that passes through your fingers when you try to hold it?

It reminded me of The Maya’s love for oobleck; cornstarch mixed with water that is a liquid until you squeeze it and it becomes solid. Aha! Everything I need to know in life I learn from Dr. Seuss, my children and the books they love to read. I stopped squeezing the dream . . .

Another favorite is Max Lucado. In A Hat for Ivan, the hatmaker’s son struggles as everyone tries to give him a hat not designed for him that represents who he will become. People are always trying to tell us what hat we should wear. The little girl who wanted to be a writer eventually heard, “You will never make any money doing that! How about advertising? You can still be creative and make a living.” But I didn’t want to write ads, I wanted to write books. I put on the hat though and headed off to pursue my degree in Mass Communications. Epic fail—one semester and I was done.

I then tried on lots of hats—waitress, bartender, bank teller, paralegal. None felt like they fit. I headed back to school to find a new hat. Hmm, maybe I will be a psychologist. That turned to oobleck the second they mentioned statistics. I eventually chose American Studies because it allowed me to explore all kinds of subject matter—art, literature, history, music, material and popular culture.

I was happy in my new hat until someone said, “You should go to law school.” I picked up that hat and then planned to write legal briefs. I was accepted, but changed my mind. Somewhere in my head, that little girl’s voice started screaming, “I don’t want to wear the lawyer hat. It doesn’t fit!”

As a child, what was the hat you wanted to wear when you grew up? Are you wearing it—or did you trade it in for a different one?

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Music and Memories–Finding Your Signature Song

music 2-7-15For me, music and laughter are the cures for almost anything. I always wanted to play guitar like my grandfather. He couldn’t read music, but he played by ear and I was always mesmerized. I have playlists of “go to” songs for any mood that strikes. Music has the power to take us back to a moment in time or even take us somewhere we haven’t been before.

One of the icebreaker questions at a recent work meeting was, “What is your favorite song of all time?” Some folks knew right away and others, like me, had a hard time choosing only one. It felt like being disloyal to all of the other songs that had been significant. If you had to pick, what would be the one song those who know you recognize as YOUR jam?

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Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

dream job 2-6-15Those who know me personally know I love to talk so have coffee with me and talk back. Otherwise, I will just feel crazy having a conversation with myself.

This week the kids and I have been discussing dreams. The Maya’s answer to the question of the day is a unicorn. Go figure. She also said my answer is straight out of Lamesville. Nicholas wants to be a professional video game player/writer/astronomer.  How about you? Are you doing what you love for a living?

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