I’ll Take Things You Find in a Restaurant Restroom for $1000 Alex . . .

mouthwashI got this. I’m going for the win in bathroom Jeopardy. What is mouthwash? Granted, I don’t go out much, but how did I miss the memo that taking care of personal hygiene is something you can now do over lunch at your favorite local restaurant? Not only did I feel compelled to snap a picture, but I was caught doing so by a lady I am sure is still telling the story of some creepy woman in the bathroom. I couldn’t help myself.

Did you have the garlic bread? The aromatic salmon perhaps? Or maybe you just didn’t get a chance to pick up some sample size mouthwash of your own this week. Those mints at the hostess station may not be enough to take care of that halitosis and let’s face it; you are hoping to get lucky after this culinary adventure. No worries. Take care of your business, slather on some lotion, freshen your breath and you are ready for romance.

Of course I researched this when I got home and discovered yes, this is a trend. Most establishments opt for an actual dispenser to prevent those creative types from tampering with the potion. This one however went with an empty cordial bottle complete with pour stop. I kept picturing a bunch of drunks yelling, “Free shots!” and hoped it was the alcohol free variety.

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