hatersLast night I had the pleasure of attending the elementary school talent show. My kids weren’t in it, but we were there to support their friends. As I watched all of the wonderful kids dance, sing, play instruments and tell jokes I kept thinking how great it was none of them had learned what too many of us learn as adults–fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of criticism. Fear of compliments. Fear of not being good enough.

Oh I’m sure there were some nerves, but not that paralyzing kind that often takes over by middle school. All of the performances were straight from the heart; one not yet broken by people who only know how to tear others down because they can’t build themselves up. I hope I have taught my children it is okay to be afraid, but do it anyway.

Last year for the YMCA Summer camp show, The Maya wore a Cheshire Cat costume, played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on her kitty keyboard in meow mode and did the cup rhythm. I think she gets it.